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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 27, No. 5. 1964.

Beauty, Design In Pottery Exhibits

Beauty, Design In Pottery Exhibits

Pot by Takeichi Kawai.

Pot by Takeichi Kawai.

At the Centre Gallery recently were two exhibitions of Japanese pottery and ceramics by Takeichi Kawai (the Master) and John Chappell (for some years the pupil). Unfortunately Mr. Chappell was killed in a motor-cycle accident recently and the feeling one has, after seeing his work is that he had not yet developed an individual style and that perhaps after a few more years he would have reached a higher standard.

After seeing Kawai's work Chappell's appears rather ordinary and coarse, partly due to the rough salt-glaze used; and all the pots seem to be designed with the stress on utility rather than beauty.

Kawai's work on the other hand as shown by the ceramic vase illustrated seems to combine tradition, and beauty with an individual touch especially in the designs which make each work distinctive.

Not one item on display seems to have been made for anything other than decoration. The shapes of the pots are assymetrical and an abstract flower motif used throughout in dull red, blue and greys on a whitish ground.

Kawai's work in the Japanese style is timeless and beautiful and should he seen by anyone who wants to experience something rarely seen in New Zealand. It is a change from the usual junky collection of hefty New Zealand pots, brick jewellery and ash trays.

It is interesting after seeing the traditional Japanese ceramic display at the Centre Gallery to go to the display of Copenhagen Porcelain at Kirkcaldie and Stains which is representative of a completely different culture.