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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 26, No. 10. 1963.

Mr. Evans Replies

Mr. Evans Replies

Dr. Munz's rejoinder is about as unconvincing as the literary meanderings of Read himself. I have neither the space nor the inclination to go through this letter clause by clause, and will therefore content myself with a comment on clause (8).

In his condescending manner. Munz accuses me once again of semantic ignorance. It is surely apparent to any reasonably intelligent person that the immunity of a "poet's conceit" from pejorative connotations is dependent upon its use in a poetic context. Does Munz, like the famous M. Jourdain, not know the difference between prose and poetry? To elaborate for his benefit, a "poet's conceit" when carried over into prose is divested of its poetic licence and, consequently, attracts its usual dictionary meaning.

"Disagreeable and irresponsible journalistic habits." I fear, are not the sole prerogative of the professional journalist.

[The Evans-Munz correspondence is now closed.—Editor]