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Salient. Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 26, No. 4. Monday, April 8, 1963

Situation Difficult

Situation Difficult

Auckland Association President John Rankin's comment on Resident Executive of NZUSA is the "summary of a very difficult situation", said Women's Vice President Keren Clark last week. (Salient 3).

Easter Council of NZUSA will be asking if Resident Executive is just too unwieldy or whether the whole concept of resident executive needs to be rethought, Miss Clark said. "As it is now, Res Exec is composed of people who just happen to be in Wellington and are willing to take on the Job. A few of them are very good."

Miss Clark pointed out that a tremendous amount of the executive's work was "Just straight administration. A wealth of material from overseas has to be read through and assimilated by somebody. Then there's the routine stuff of running tournaments."

Asked whether Resident Executive's work could be handled by a salaried administrative secretary, Miss Clark said that those who put forward this idea did not conceive of the secretary as having any executive powers. "There has to be somebody to authorise various decisions on international policy, and therefore there must be something like Res Exec," she said.

"The problem is to decide how big it should be."

Miss Clark added that Executive was also responsible for all finance decisions on Tournament, which had to be channelled through some central authority. She mentioned the "terrific job" done by NZUSA Vice President Florence Jones and former Victoria President Armour Mitchell on the fees and bursaries issue. "It was not Miss Jones' fault that the organisation fell down," Miss Clark said.

"Like any voluntary organisation its success depends upon the willingness of the people involved to work," Miss Clark concluded.