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Salient. Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 26, No. 4. Monday, April 8, 1963

Nz Resident Executive Faces Problems

page 4

Nz Resident Executive Faces Problems

NZUSA Resident Executive is labouring under very great difficulties said Student's Association President, Michael Moriarty, recently.

"Much of the work is purely clerical and is very time-consuming, but I don't think it justifies a full-time administrative secretary."

"A Good shorthand-typist who could do all the routine work and perhaps draft letters would be excellent," he added.

Resident Executive is not unwieldy. It depends on the type of people you have on it said Mori-arty. "A number of delegates to Res Exec from other centres have not always been able to attend meetings which has been the cause of some delay in information going back to those centres. Many members do an enormous amount of work."

When asked about NZUSA Press Council Moriarty said that it could do a very good job especially for public relations, but it needed support. Press Council will stand or fall on their report at Easter Council.

Arrangements for Tournament this year were "going fine" said Moriarty. "But we still need more billets if it is to be a real success."

When asked if he had any comment to make on the suggestion that New Zealand delegates to international student conferences were "amateurs playing with professionals". Moriarty said he was proud of the fact that New Zealand delegates were amateurs.

"I'm proud that we don't hang round the universities until we're forty and then become student leaders," he said.

How many winner this Easter? See Preview, Page 8.

How many winner this Easter? See Preview, Page 8.

"It is important that we maintain our links with students throughout the world," he continued, "we see how the newly developing countries In Asia and Africa are faring."

"We hear the gossip and see where the needs are. At the moment NZUSA is supporting an African student studying extra-murally at London and these conferences help us to see where our money can best be spent."

"NZUSA is concentrating on educational problems at Easter Council," said Moriarty. "We'll be discussing the halls of residence problem to see if we can get something done as soon as possible." he concluded.