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Salient. Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 26, No. 4. Monday, April 8, 1963

Extrav. Grog now to be Tighter

Extrav. Grog now to be Tighter

Extravaganza grog money has been tightened up. A recent executive meeting also decided the location of Graduation and Capping Balls.

Student money is not to be spent on grog without Executive permission. This motion, moved by Dave Preston, Publications Officer, was moved to prevent student money from being spent on such things as Extravaganza grog. The motion was passed to give Executive more control over liquor expenditure and to reassure students that their money was not being swilled away needlessly.

This year a Grads. Ball is to be held in the Students Union Building on Friday night of Capping. A Capping Ball is to be held on Saturday night in the Stud Ass building instead of the Town Hall.

A complaint was received from I. H. Boyd, Managing Sec., about the state of the common room floor. Special reference was made to John Irons's use of the floor as an ashtray. Subsequently Perham. Vice Pres., banned card playing there for a week. Later he seemed very upset that students were now playing "Crush Adolph" instead.

Concern was expressed at the waste of printing excess copies of Cappicade advertisements. Future cyclostyling will have to be done more economically.

Peter Blizard recommended that visiting artists be invited to give lunch-hour concerts to the students. Such a person could have been Marcel Marceau, but the terms of his contract with J. C. Williamson prevented it.

Bruce Middleton, social controller, moved that the Stud Ass, use every available opportunity to impress on New Zealand, and Wellington in particular, the need for emergency measures in the provision of halls of residence.