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Salient. Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 26, No. 4. Monday, April 8, 1963




Sir,—Re the exhibition of Wellington Art currently showing, it may be difficult to be both adequate and original when opening an exhibition, but Professor Page, in adhering to that modish cliche, "destruction of the mass." succeeds only in destroying its primary function.

More destructive still was his implication designed to flatter into acceptance of this, his judgment, by inclusion into a group of chosen few, doubtless gratefully endowed with those distinguishing qualities—that extra something.

I am, etc.,

V. Hart.

Strike A Balance

Sir,—I was delighted to see you bracketing—a little misleadingly—Greek H.A.L. with the latest foreign films at the Paramount as a must for the pseuds. Any rush of beards and black stockings to this class will be taken as a sign of Salient's influence.

Their "outrageous opinions" will be welcomed, though not necessarily adopted, at Art tutorials, where the chief problem is to get students to sound off at all. A student who has begun to think about aesthetic values can be quite a help to those—perhaps the majority—who have not yet done so and don't know how to begin.

With thanks for a compliment perhaps unintended and certainly undeserved.

—I am, etc.,

Denise Kalfas.

P.S.—Last year's Salient editor passed Greek H.A.L. Classics Department, Vuw.