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Salient. Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 26, No. 4. Monday, April 8, 1963

Extrav-Another Look

Extrav-Another Look


Could your correspondent Pl please elucidate the following points in the article on Extrav.

(1)What are the gags that are "heavy and plodding and recur with relentless and monotonous regularity year after year"?
(2)Apart from John Koolman, who are the "number of non-students who have for many years been awarded star parts"?
(3)What grounds are there for the statement that "actors . . . are concerned primarily with sex and alcohol"?
(4)Who are "the tightly closed clique of hard men and women who annually govern the show"?

I am, sir, a past student, who has been asked again to produce this year's Extravaganza. I would

be most happy if the student body offered some person capable of taking the job. It may not be generally known but the Extravaganza costs the Students' Association approximately £2500 each year.

For this expenditure a profit of up to £1800 has been made within the last five years, and indeed this amount, with the Government subsidy, finally made the Student Union Building a reality.

I ask your correspondent, sir. Why has she not come forward with a script with the "subtle, flippant, and risque dialogue and sharp witty satire denoted by the word satire"?

How would she distinguish between "Jokes badly lewd and full of obscene suggestion" from those which are "risque."

I have had, sir, the privilege to be intermittently associated with Extrav since 1950 in all capacities. I have been a student for five of those years. It would be a change and a great pleasure to see some new member of the student body come forward to either produce or indicate willingness to learn the business of producing the annual University Extrav. Perhaps your correspondent would like to take on the Job.

Yours, etc.,

Terry Browne,

Producer Extrav '63.

Trim starlet Margot Sutherland, last year's heroine, was no student. Salient appreciates Reader Browne's opinion but stands by its correspondent.—Editors.