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Salient. Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 26, No. 4. Monday, April 8, 1963

An Old Salt

An Old Salt


My humble reply to the author of "An Old Salt."

Salt is a medium—a material medium—through which we, or I at least, overcome sourness. Can you blame me for using it when the plums are sour? I don't care why you:

(a)Sit in the Cafeteria giggling, peeping and sneering at others
(b)eat your sandwiches with five to ten fingers instead of three
(c)talk when you should be eating
(d)why you like tomato soup (ugh!) when I don't . . . so why should you care what I sprinkle on my plums?

Is sprinkling salt on plums so different from sprinkling sugar on them? If so, where does the distinction lie? In the fact that the latter is customary?

If that is your answer I think you desperately need to be overhauled. Don't you know, or haven't you realised, that different people have different tastes? If I happen to like plums with salt, it's just too bad if you have to say "ugh!" with every bite. "Ugh!" back to you!

Incidentally, I take salt with apples, too.

Yours, etc.,

S. E. P. Teck.

Salient offers Its apologies to Mr. Teck, a Colombo Plan student, for its apparent Intolerance of his customs.—Ed.