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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 25. No. 12. 1962



Sir,—In that some of my Student Association fees have gone towards the publishing of remarks made by that Brigadier; Gilbert fellow I wonder if I could ask some question?

Does Brigadier Gilbert support the view of another speaker at the great Auckland conference, who wished that he had never heard of "social security"?

Also does the head of New Zealand security think that our military loaders should have a big say in our politics?

It he does I would like to suggest that. a country like Chile or Argentina would be more suitable for his work In New Zealand the military is for defence and decide who are to be our allies or enemies. The military leaders have not been elected to tell us where our political affections should lie.

In ending this letter how come C.N.D. missed out? Is CN.D respectable now? Or does it remain a communist front like all the other hot-beds of communism? Yours etc,.

P. Magnusson.