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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 25. No. 11. 1962

Hostel Investigations

Hostel Investigations

A matter of interest to many students is "halls of residence". Mr Blizard (public relations officer) is compiling a report on the situation. In the course of his investigations he was shown over Weir House. His guide told him to be quite frank when describing what he thought about Weir. After the tour this offer was withdrawn—in Mr Blizard's own words: "he said he would rather I didn't say anything." The reason given was that it might prejudice talks, which are apparently imminent, over "halls of residence."

Mr Blizard did mention 'hat a sheet of Weir House regulations he had in his possession did give the place a Concentration Camp atmosphere.

Exec, considered a reply of Mr Tennent (Minister of Education), to a letter sent by the Provisional Executive. He said, "I think I should add for your information that letters I have received from other Students' Associations have not demanded or even requested a lowering of the new scale of fees." Some Exec, members thought this was not an above-board comment. Mr Blizard said that this merely spoke to the detriment of the other Executives. Several other Exec. members agreed, none disagreed. It was finally decided that the n appropriate treatment of the letter was to ignore it.

After an obviously glorious evening (according to. Exec, reports), a member of the Catholic Students' Guild party put his foot in it. For ten minutes after other party-goers had left, the gentleman struggled out to his parked car and put the key in. He then returned to the S.U.B., having decided adversely on his fitness to drive.

"This is a serious matter." said Mr Corn ford. He knew of a case where a student driver, in similar condition, had hit a lamp-post. One of his passengers was killed.

Mr Moriarty felt that publicity of such student activities could be damaging. A letter is to be sent to the person concerned, about his conduct.