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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 25. No. 11. 1962

Mystery of the Diggings

Mystery of the Diggings

People in the S.U.B. were treated to some free entertainment recently—The Diggings—four men in Digging in excavations under the path outside the Cafeteria.

One had a large shovel with which he burrowed into the bank, all the whole throwing out large amounts of earth. Another grasped a pick-axe and hacked frantically at the topsoil, occasionally tugging at roots and other obstacles. A third stood on the path, carefully sliding a ruler up and down some mysterious blocks of concrete, while the fourth, who wore a green hat and smoked a pipe, pointed vaguely and gave directions. Interested onlookers were invited to peer over the fence and "have a look."

The Diggings invited speculation. Were they to become an H-bomb shelter, or some kind of sewer, or re they merely a lesson in practical archaeology or geology?

Alas, it was none of these. Investigation revealed that erosion had set in and that the path was thus insecure. The excavations were being carried out so that a supporting concrete wall could be built I prevent a possible collapse.

How very ordinary!