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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 25. No. 11. 1962

What Salient is Not!

What Salient is Not!

Dear Sir,—Arithmetic was never, is not, and is unlikely ever to be may forte, but I must say that your editorial in the last Salient moved me to spend a great deal of time making a number of extremely involved calculations, the results of which have so impressed me that I should like to communicate them to your readers.

According to your Editorial, one issue of Salient costs a minimum of £110. And that one copy can be produced for 2/-. According to my calculations this means that some 1100 copies are printed for each issue. We are also informed that 10d of the cost of each copy falls on the staff of Salient. We may therefore say that the staff pay 11,000d towards the cost of each issue. This I have computer to be somewhere in the region of £45/16/C per issue, which is apparently footed by a staff of so far as I can gather, 31, who therefore contribute an average of £1/17/0 each to each issue. This seems to me to be a most valiant effort, deserving of the most hearty thanks of all readers.

There is one thing I would like to mention. In the last issue someone called Fulford took upon himself to make a number of uncalled-for and unintelligent comments on Mr. Maconie's Stravinsky review. If Mr. Fulford has "never read such a lot of guff in his life," we can only suppose that either he has not yet lived a very long life, or that he has not employed it to his best advantage. I consider Mr. Maconie's reviews to be the most stimulating and authoritative published by Salient. Unlike Mr Fulford, I do not think that either Mr Everard, or Mr Evans, or even yourself sir can be considered to be a master of English prose and a model of critical technique.—I am etc.,

Harold I. W. Hill.

—Mr Hill states "arithmetic was never" his "forte". We could not agree more! One cannot compute an average from a minimum: Mr Hill should have taken £135 as his figure not £110, which was the minimum cost stated. What we did omit to mention in our last Editorial, is the fact that we pay our cartoonists. This consideration might alter Mr Hill's balance shoot somewhat.—Editor.