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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 25. No. 11. 1962



Dear Sir,—Mr Spender's reply to my letter about Extravaganza says about as much as the show itself the virtually nothing): however. I am forced to reply in order to correct a few misapprehensions on the part of the aforementioned Mr Spender.

Firstly I did see the show (and borrowed a bob off a friend to buy a programme which I later lost).

Secondly, my comparison between students and labourers could only be taken seriously (he without sense of humour) if taken literally. Mr. Spender invites me to write a plot for Extrav I am quite willing to do this if I find the time; (I would appreciate a cheque in advance). It would not be too difficult to fulfil the conditions stipulated— in fact it has been done often in the past.

Mr. Spender states: "The attack on the very typical of the usual jealous sour grapes that are dished out at Extrav, each year never by anyone who has had a hand in any of the hard work concerned with putting on the show." I would like to inform Mr. Spender that in my immature youth I spent three seasons in the stage crow of Extrav, and perhaps know what I am talking about.

Finally: I do not disagree with Extrav in principle: I merely think a bit of stuffing could be put into it.—I am, etc.

Brian Turner.