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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 25. No. 11. 1962

Party Line

Party Line

Some of the Party's intellectual members made their break decisively and publicly proclaimed their stand, but a larger number merely allowed themselves to drift out of Party Membership. They do not appear to have done much more than that. Communism has made its mark indelibly on their minds and personalities. They still value highly the human relationships they built up during their Party life and remain fascinated by the conspiratorial nature of their Party activities. Some continue to support the Party line on specific issues. For example, current Communist propaganda themes include recognition of the Chinese People's Government and its admission to the United Nations, withdrawal from Seato and Anzus. trade with the Communist Bloc, and support for the Soviet position on disarmament. The former Party intellectuals continue to support these Party themes particularly in the so-called "front" organisations

These Communist "front" organisations call for special mention. It is as well to be aware that they are not of spontaneous growth but are established internationally in accordance with directives from none other than Lenin and Stalin themselves who saw the need for developing Communist propaganda organisations separate from the Communist Party, which would attract support from a wider cross-section of the community than would the Communist Party itself. Typical examples are the Peace Council, affiliated with the World Peace Council, and the NZ/USSR Society, affiliated with a Soviet counterpart.

The Communist Party directs these "fronts" usually through the device of having a trusted Communist Party member as the Secretary— for example, the National Secretary of the NZ/USSR Society in Wellington is a member of the national committee of the Communist Parts and through "fractions" of Parts members who existence is kept secret from the rank and file membership and who function as " ginger groups "

A "front" organisation advocating peace, disarmament and friendship with the Soviet Union, and professing (albeit Falsely) to be non-political, has undoubtedly an appeal to persons of goodwill. But, if I may offer a word of caution—be sure, if you are approached to join such a group that you are fully satisfied about the loyalty and bona fide of its executives.

There are only a few intellectuals still remaining in the Party. They are to be found as a small leavening in the leaching profession and among doctors, lawyers and accountants. A few are in the Public Service. I repeat that they are but a small leavening but as they are there they cannot, in my view, fail to exert their influences, for example, I do not believe that a Communist university lecturer or ' schoolteacher will not endeavour to influence his students in accordance with his Communist beliefs.