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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 25. No. 11. 1962

Cafe Cleanliness — Are You A Salt - Spender?

Cafe Cleanliness

Are You A Salt - Spender?

The state of affairs in the Dining Room is progressively deteriorating. Notwithstanding the current (and not unexpected) losses in cutlery and furnishings, the overall cleanliness is leaving much to be desired.

Just how much the staff can play along with is unknown; however, as Fritz Levenbach points out, "we are getting fed up with it (the mess)." It is possible many students are not aware of the situation and complexities involved in administrating the dining Room, It is painfully obvious, some students don't give a brass razoo anyway.

Control of the Cafeteria

The Dining Room is under the direct supervision of the Management Committee—a body who is responsible to the University for all affairs concerning the Student Union. (The Executive Officer of this Committee, the Managing Secretary, is the full-time officer of the Union). It is more than likely, students are unaware of this; and of the fact that the Dining Room is on lease to the Caterer.

Again, many students can not realise the facts underlying the policy of the Cafeteria. There is a contract between the Caterer and the University, binding upon all persons involved (including students).

  • The prices and range of food served in the Cafeteria is fixed in the contract (i.e., decided by the University).
  • The hours the Room must be open to students is fixed.
  • The Caterer does not pay rent for the Caf., but must pay for electricity and sundries (e.g., excessive breakages, missing articles).

Chef Levenbach may cater to outside persons whenever he wishes—provided the times for such catering do not clash with students' hours. In point of fact, "without the outside catering, the Cafeteria would immediately fold." What is gained on the students is not sufficient to support the running of the Cafeteria.

"Disgusting Mess"

For people coming into the Cafeteria from outside, the impression must be created "this is a clean, attractive place." That is, if we want their custom. Managing Secretary, Ian Boyd claims: "Visitors can't be taken into the Dining Room because of the mess." And apparently Levenbach is having trouble with his staff "There is just so much time we can devote to unnecessary cleaning."

Concerned too is the Students' Association Executive, whose Chairman, Michael Moriarty views the matter with "grave concern." Commented Moriarty, "If there is not a drastic improvement in (the state of the tables) the Exec. will be right behind the Management Committee in evicting people responsible."

One Possible Remedy

There is certainly no clause in the Cafeteria contract directing the Caterer to clean up "lunch-wraps, peelings, salt and butts," from the tables. What is more, Fritz Levenbach does not intend to keep on keeping on. He is not going to tolerate the filth, neither is Exec. And as far as the Management Committee, whose Executive Officer, Ian Boyd, is heartily fed up, offending students had "better watch out." Students caught on the hop can expect circumstantial conviction, possible permanent eviction. Complain Boyd, Levenbach and Moriarty in unison, "this has gone on long enough, it is going to stop."

The Student Union Dining Room. A pic. taken soon after the opening, last year.

The Student Union Dining Room. A pic. taken soon after the opening, last year.