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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 25. No. 11. 1962

Control of the Cafeteria

Control of the Cafeteria

The Dining Room is under the direct supervision of the Management Committee—a body who is responsible to the University for all affairs concerning the Student Union. (The Executive Officer of this Committee, the Managing Secretary, is the full-time officer of the Union). It is more than likely, students are unaware of this; and of the fact that the Dining Room is on lease to the Caterer.

Again, many students can not realise the facts underlying the policy of the Cafeteria. There is a contract between the Caterer and the University, binding upon all persons involved (including students).

  • The prices and range of food served in the Cafeteria is fixed in the contract (i.e., decided by the University).
  • The hours the Room must be open to students is fixed.
  • The Caterer does not pay rent for the Caf., but must pay for electricity and sundries (e.g., excessive breakages, missing articles).

Chef Levenbach may cater to outside persons whenever he wishes—provided the times for such catering do not clash with students' hours. In point of fact, "without the outside catering, the Cafeteria would immediately fold." What is gained on the students is not sufficient to support the running of the Cafeteria.