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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 25, No. 9. 1962.

We Protest [Letter to the editor by S. E. Chadwick]

Sir,—I protest. I protest the hysterical emotionalism of M.J.W. in Comment, June 18. I protest the immorality of his shallow thought and the illogicality thereof.

I protest that "We", in our official paper, should be splurged after the style of a more notorious newsheet, over the front page. I protest M.J.W's assumption that I and fellow students necessarily subscribe wholesale to his soul-searing elegy.

I protest his complete failure to consider the Eichmann case from Israel's point of view; to consider that 6 million Jews might have meant a great deal to their sons and daughters. I protest blithe answers of self set questions. He may point out, but does this mean that "we must point out" the truth of his conclusions.

His conclusions are based on popular thought and ideals to which we ourselves pay little more than lip service?

A rotten apple can ruin the lot. Eichmann paid for rottenness which no surgery could check. His death added to the fertility of the very race he tried to destroy. Is there not in this a hint of at least justice?—Yours, etc.,

S. E. Chadwick.

Five others are of similar opinion to Mr Chadwick.—Editor.