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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 25, No. 7. 1962.

From Our Chaplain

From Our Chaplain

Dear Sir,—May I use your columns, to let all Salient readers know where and when I am available to students. My name has already appeared, my existence been established and my credentials presented in an earlier issue this year but till quite recently my whereabouts have been very vague.

I have now, however, been established both in Space and Time. I am to be found in the Student Adviser's room next door to the Library on the first floor of the S.U.B. I am to be found there at the following times—in the mornings on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday and in the afternoons on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

People constantly ask me what is my job around here. In some ways and especially because it is a new position, it is not very easy to define it in clear-cut terms. I cannot point to anything and say —"that is it." I am not a member of the teaching staff and therefore have no ready-made clientele. I am not chaplain to E.U. or S.C.M. and therefore have no particular group to organise.

I have been appointed by all the Churches except the Roman Catholic, to be available to students, in a full-time capacity as an adviser and counsellor. Naturally as a minister of religion, I am available to talk about and explain the Christian faith and what it means, to any who wish to find out. I am also, I hope, open-minded enough to any criticism or objections you have to bring against Christianity and the Church.

But also I am here to be of any assistance I can to students who need guidance in any matter, not necessarily religious at all, or who just want to talk something over with somebody. The need for this type of service in our Universities is becoming more and more realised and the practice of appointing chaplains and counsellors is steadily growing.

My whereabouts have now been established and if you wish to talk over any matter with me, please feel perfectly free to do so. And, by the way, if I am not in my room, you will more than probably be able to find me drinking coffee in the Cafeteria.

John Murray,

N.C.C. Chaplain to Students.