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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 25, No. 7. 1962.

Positive Action

Positive Action

The I.S.C. has now launched a programme to find scholarships, and students for those scholarships. The I.S.C. also can come in useful in partaking in agitation for the establishment of universities and various educational institutes where they are obviously needed. It has the interest of the student at heart.

New Zealand has a very stable National union — the New Zealand Universities Students' Association. The N.Z.U.S.A. can do a lot more for the I.S.C. particularly in the way of active participation in South-East Asian countries. Mr Khaw indicated the danger of New Zealand and delegates regarding themselves as saviours and leaders.

A bespectacled intellectual came out with a rather equivocal statement, puffing away on an immense pipe he said solemnly: "Now we are away from the bosum of our families we can pursue our instinctive desires."

From the wop wops of Ohakune to the coffee bars of Lambton Quay was too big a step for one person interviewed. He hated the artificiality of everyone here. He could earn more money in the bush, and thought that perhaps he would get to hell out of it next year.

The expense of varsity education came in for a lot of criticism. One boy went as far as saying: "There are only two ill effects from varsity, the effect on your ego and the effect on your pocket."

It was a girl who struck the reporter as being most honest. "I think New Zealand secondary school takes a bit of getting over," she said. "It is distressing to be flung suddenly from one environment into another; I expect we will all settle down in time."