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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 25, No. 7. 1962.

Fresher Opinion. How I Hate Vic!

Fresher Opinion. How I Hate Vic!

"University is not what I thought it was"—that was the direct answer "Salient" got when it set about sampling the opinion of freshers.

It is three months now since the academic year began. "Salient" thought it would be interesting to know the impressions of freshers with VIC now they have accomplished their first tour of duty.

"Frankly," continued this blue-eyed youth from Hastings, "I did expect the students to be a bit eccentric, but I did not expect the lecturers to be potty as well." The most striking impression made by the University community on this boy were the habits of dress. He admitted that this might be due to a short pants complex, but he felt that people ought to at least dress respectably. The question he posed was "how can you expect town gown relations to improve when the gown has degenerated to filthy old cords?"

One fresher who had been door man at the Capping ball said the students struck him as a pack of snobs. All the pretentious talk about liquor and how much people had drunk and would drink had annoyed him. If this was the product of higher education he for one asserted that he would rather stay at high school. Indeed the consensus of opinion was that all the palaver made about capping was a little unwarranted. On the day it seemed to go off like a damp squib. There were vague mumblings about the ineptitude of exec, and too many "bloody part timers."

The sports organizations showed the most vigour in the opinion of one man interviewed. But the predominant feature of all the organizations one girl thought, was the impersonal attitude of the place. She thought cliques developed and if you were not in one of them your chances of social success were about as rosy as those of a cop in an after-hours pub.