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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 25, No. 7. 1962.

Service Page

Service Page


Carter's Wool Shop

About half-way along Willis Street. Very smooth-flowing silent wool for knitting during lectures. Muffled needles told. Seriously though, specialists, with the best range of plys and colours in town.


Modern Books Ltd.

At 48a Manners Street. a co-operative bookshop. Buying a single share (£1) on-titles you to 10% discount on all titles for life. German. Spanish. French and Russian. Any book ordered from anywhere in the world—delay about two months.

S.C.M. Bookroom

At 102 Lambton Quay, Phone 43-910. Religious books of all descriptions e.g., theological, devotional, church history - and children's.

Sweet & Maxwell (N.Z.) Ltd.

54 The Terrace. Carry A Complete Range Of Student Books In Commerce And Law. Price Lists Available On Request.

Whitcombe & Tombs, Ltd.

Lambton Quay, Wellington.

For the most complete range of Text Books. Discounts available to Students for Text Book Purchases.


The Bank of New Zealand

Comes a degree. Comes a wife, child and bank account. Get in early with a BNZ cheque account. Pay by cheque. Get the record of your statement. Control your spending.

Getting About

City Transport

A network covered by trams, diesel buses and trolley buses, will take you anywhere in the City. Timetables can be procured at the Lambton Quay and Courtenay Place Terminals at 6d. per copy. The sight-seeing tours are truly remarkable and will make you familiar with the terrain of Wellington. Telephone 42-719 for further information.

Keep Fit Department

The Sports Depot

Half-way along Willis Street, long-standing connection with University sport. Every one of Vic's twenty-four sports catered for here. All contingencies provided for.


Hotel St. George

Nearest to the University, on the corner of Willis and Manners Streets. Many like the Back Bar. Never too crowded and comfortably twilit. Handy to eating places. Red Band Draught, drawn from a refrigerated tank room.


John I. Gray. Photographer, Shell House The Terrace, wishes to advise that the advertisement on Page 6 in intended to be taken seriously.

Soothing Balms

J. B. Porath, Chemist

In the T. & G. Building, opp. Cable Car Lane. A most handy shop with the usual range of soaps, cosmetics, ointments and soothing balms. Prompt prescription service.


Reginald Collins Ltd.

At No. 3 Ballance Street, in the Maritime Building. Wholesale wino and spirit people. Vintners to Students' Asia. Especially of interest are their sweet and dry sherry sold in flagons, which go well al a party. Also rod and white dry table winos at 6/-. Minimum order 2 gallons.