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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 25, No. 5. 1962.

Extravaganza [Salient Vol. 25. No. 5. 1962.]

Sir,—In reply to the above I would like to make the following points:
(1)"Justice for nothing" talks about "publicity-seeking outsiders." He should realise that the "outsiders" he refers to are, to my mind, far better students than the vast mass of apathetic individuals that constitutes our so-called "student body." This year we have exactly three people who are non-students in our cast. Two of these have been students in very recent years i.e. last year and are therefore members of the association until this year's A.G.M. The fact that they are prepared to give their time to Extrav. is to their credit, especially as this year Extrav. was in dire straits for cast members, let alone experienced members. The other person who is a non-student certainly does not need to play Extrav. to make her reputation. His reputation on the Wellington stage is already assured.
(2)Your correspendent states that Extrav. members should be only students of the University. In the event of sufficient people being prepared to take part in Extrav. I would agree with him. However, this year we have the smallest cast in my memory (which goes back some distance) and in the Producer's memory which goes back to 1944. If those students who wish to take part in Extrav. are to be provided for, then I personally have no compunction in calling upon one non-student, especially as this person has given devoted service to Extrav. in the past.
(3)To say that "choice parts" are taken by "outsiders" is just utter nonsense. I won't list names, but a glance at the cast will prove that your writer doesn't know what he is taking about.
(4)Re motions passed at a General Meeting last year, your correspendent is naturally, dead flaming wrong. He can check the Minute Book if he wishes.
(5)Finally, I would say that sour grapes make strong vinegar.

Peter V. O'Brien

Extrav. Organiser, 1962.