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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 25, No. 4. 1962.



It would be interesting to note at this time what type of torture was applied and how it was carried out. Here then is a brief description of torture as taken from "Libro Nero." (The Black Book).

The victim was stripped of all clothing and his hair cut off' after being examined by a doctor and surgeon, who In their medical office, voiced any objection to the victim being tortured. If labelled fit, they were laid upon the rack, asked to tell the truth, and then stretched to the required length. If the victim was incapable of undergoing torture in any part of his body, they were usually sentenced to be burned.

Thus did the guardians of the (true) faith protect themselves against those who would think for themselves.

The Inquisition did not originate in any single mind. It was not intended to meet a merely local or temporary exigency but grew out of the mutual jealousies of the people, and the overbearing tyranny of over lords. Something in this time of history was needed, some institution for the suppression of discontent, some all-pervading agency, everywhere active, but no where conspicuous, which would subdue each opponent as he rose and put every complaining voice to silence. So rose this shield of defence against political, as well as religious rebels. At its height of power, the protection from heretics seemed to come last.

In our next article, we will place in some detail, the workings of the various courts throughout Europe, and the Laws dealing with the examination of the prisoner, defence, prison and privileges. We will also discuss the preparations for the "Auto-de-Fe." —Meha.