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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 25, No. 4. 1962.

Let the Executive Rot

Let the Executive Rot


So the Executive has the confidence of a Special General Meeting. This should not be taken to mean that it has the complete confidence of the student body, I feel that exec's actions and lack of action leaves much to be desired.

Rather than call a special general meeting I would like to ask the following questions:—
1.Do any persons on exec, favour the idea of handing over confidential Stud. Assn. Records to any outside bodies?
2.We have rooms for meditation, prayer, exec, meetings etc., but why can't a room be set side for swotting yet allowing smoking?
3.Why should the student body have to suffer the consequences of Exec, members' actions at the Freshers Ball? It should be obvious that Capping Ball will have the same uninvited guests from Waring Taylor Street, who were able to walk off with armfuls of grog from the back rooms which were full of exec. members.
4.How many more years must we await the appearance of "Spike"?
5.When are the long awaited accounts for Extrav. to be presented?
6.When the public is sympathetic to our feelings on increased fees, why haven't our Public Relations kept our burden in the public eye? There has been not an utterance from exec. to the papers on this issue.
7.Where are the Wool Store dances and where is Vic's Interfacs drinking horn?

If anyone would like to know why these matters were not raised at the S.G.M. ask the chairman— he accepted a closure motion before the matter had been fully discussed—before any of the above had been touched at all. I suggest that exec. be lined up against a wall and allowed to rot.

Yours etc.,

R. E. Magnusson.