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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 25, No. 4. 1962.

Little Congress:. Return Of The Natives

page 8

Little Congress:. Return Of The Natives

Yes, we're back—fully relaxed, rested, improved, refreshed, uninhibited, and otherwise purged. And so you missed the first Little Congress of the year?

I hope you eventually emerge from your abyss of shame and come to full recognition of your folly and form a firm resolution Never again to repeat the error in the event of future opportunities.

All who had the sense to come, enjoyed a weekend of glorious sunshine, continuous social activity (especially during the nocturnal hours), plenty of rest and recreation, excellent food for thought (and for the body—thanks to Tony Pointon, Steve O'Regan and the few who helped them). Thanks also to Keren Clark for her very able organisation.

New Chaplin

The new S.C.M. chaplain, the Rev. Dickson was a welcome guest —all the various elements of a university were well represented. There were four guest speakers whose competent and interesting lectures were enjoyed by all. The panel on Saturday night provoked considerable audience reaction.

The third talk was given by Dr. Erich Geiringer, who is well known for a number of things (quote from "Critic" Otago University Newspaper). There had been considerable speculation as to what this somewhat unorthodox ex-lecturer from Otago University would speak on, but I don't think anyone could have anticipated a novel discussion on "The Four Seasons."

Dr. Geiringer was born in Austria, and from his experience in that country and in New Zealand he discussed the effect of the mental and physical adjustment necessitated by seasons on the lives of people in such countries as are considerably affected.

Occasionally there would be a digression in the form of charming recollections from Dr. Geiringer's memories of his own childhood— the delight of playing with autumn leaves in the fall or the joy occasioned by the discovery of the first spring flower in the snow. His style of speaking was simple and conversational.

"It's pretty, but is it Art?"

"It's pretty, but is it Art?"

The talk was immediately followed by the panel discussion of questions submitted earlier in the day.

There was, of course, the usual run of amusing (or otherwise!) incidents which always seem to occur when a large crowd of un0 predictable individuals gather together with the avowed intention of enjoying concentrated activity within a short space of time. The considerable delay of the official transport bus on Friday night and the considerable delay of tea on Saturday night due to some irresponsible lunatic turning off all the ovens were definitely "otherwise."

Mystery of Flogged Flagon

More amusing incidents involved the altercation over the flogged flagon on Friday night, the intrepid bathing beauty team who braved the icy waters of the Otaki river, the Bacchite-dancing of Ros and Ian on the moonlit lawn, the inevitable Con O'Leary demonstrations, the bearded baby beatniks who were shaping up well, Fludie (need one be more explicit), the juvenile morons who climbed trees and swang on swings and attempted to twist, the persistent jazz and bridge fans who weren't to be distracted from their innocent past-times, the abortive altar-sacrifice (due to lack of enthusiasm from prospective "voluntary" victims), the other Ian's Wayne-Schuster exhibition in Hut 5, the steady pilfering, bribing for, inveigling or otherwise acquiring of apples and toast and chocolate biscuits from the kitchen—all these contributed to make Little Congress No. 3 a most memorable weekend intellectually, socially, physically (and spiritually?).—C.B.