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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 25, No. 4. 1962.

Open letter to a certain Doctor. Perversion Or Bastards?

Open letter to a certain Doctor. Perversion Or Bastards?

You may never read this. Doctor, but in case a copy of our paper reaches your town, here's what we think of your statement that co-education is to blame for increased schoolgirl pregnancies.

You say that of the 50 pregnant schoolgirls you interviewed, "quite a number came from co-educational schools." We presume that by "quite a number," you mean a majority.

Does it occur to you, Doctor, that the majority of students in your country attend co-educational schools?

Sexual Perversion

Let me clue you in on some well-known facts. There is a greater instance of sexual perversion arising from private school backgrounds, than arises from co-educational school backgrounds. The reason for this is that pupils of private (boarding) schools live a life free from natural contact with the opposite sex.

Their unnatural life in the formative years debars many such pupils from ever accepting the opposite sex as normal beings.

Doctor, isn't it the same in schools where the sexes are segregated? Wouldn't you agree that many pupils of such schools think of the opposite sex as "freaks"?

Which would you rather have—a World of Perverts, or a Few Natural Illegitimate Births?

Effeminate Pupils

Take, for example the case of a district where segregated education was introduced some three years ago. The parting of boy and girl was effected to stop time being wasted with silly ogling in the classroom. Now more time is wasted than ever, with notes passing between the schools, and in many cases from boy to boy, and girl to girl. An increase in the number of effeminate pupils at the Boys' School has been noticed. It might help you to look at the results of the English Public School system, before you decide.