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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 25, No. 4. 1962.


The election of officers and committee was completed although there were scarcely enough nominations to fill the vacant positions at the A.G.M. Debating Society.

Heavily assailed by sub-harmony (Music Society) on one flank and tumult ('Extrav") on the other a rather small group braved the onslaught for The Debating Meeting.

Unperturbed, Mr P. Hogg conducted the proceedings and having accepted the one or two apologies forthcoming carried out the formal business.

One point of interest in the general report for 1961 events was that the debates with Wellington secondary schools were a success and it was noted that the schools provided very substantial opposition.

In the general discussion Miss C. Benefield put a motion forward that maiden speakers should not be permitted to waive their right of freedom from interjection The motion was passed unanimously as the meeting agreed that in general new speakers were not aware of the ferocious demoralising capabilities of V.U.W. interjectors and so did not act in their own interests when they waived this right.

Other points raised were:—

The problem of preventing debates from becoming slow and boring toward the end.

The problem of financing sufficient publicity to obtain the necessary audiences at the debates. It was noted that the audience was particularly important in V.U.W. debates.

Two votes of thanks for long-standing members retiring were recorded: Miss C. Frost (treasurer) and Miss M. Boyle (secretary). They were thanked by Mr F. Hamlin for their long and sterling service to the club. Mr P. Hogg (chairman) was thanked by Mr B. Middleton of his record of skilful chairmanship and speaking.

A brief exposition of the club's aims and description of its activities from the chairman concluded the meeting.