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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 25, No. 4. 1962.



On the whole, nothing much was achieved at the special general meeting. At least, some of the students at the meeting did not think so. But this much could be said: the meeting provided good entertainment. And if there are no people like Mr. Dwyer (or Mr. Blizzard) around, the concept of democracy would be a mere fantasy and nothing else. Perhaps the most entertaining remarks were those given by a certain Mr. Hamilton. As they were of a rather indelicate nature, "Salient" will not publish them here.

Other resolutions passed at the special general meeting were as follows:

Moved M. J. Moriarty; seconded Miss M. Clark:—

That in clause 21 (b) (ii) (H) of the third schedule to the Constitution (Conduct of Elections), the words "Chairwoman Women's House Committee who shall be a woman" be deleted and replaced by the words "Women's Representative, who shall be a woman."

Note. —The portfolio of Chairwoman, Women's House Committee has not been a success and the holder has not found herself with sufficient work to do. In the regulations, which the Executive will draft in the event of this amendment being approved, provision will be made for the portfolio holder to be an ex officio member of most Sub-Committees. It is intended that the portfolio will also handle all matters of particular concern to women students.

Moved V. G. Maxwell; seconded Margaret Clark:—

That in view of the additional financial penalty involved in failing examinations the Students Association recommend to the College Council that those who fail examinations be given a second opportunity to pass by the holding of "Specials" towards the end of January.

(Note.—This practice is wide-spread overseas and exists for medical and agricultural students in New Zealand.)

Moved R. Bromby; seconded P. Blizard:—

That the Association endorse the refusal of the University Council to permit the Department of Labour to peruse the personal files of students in accordance with the traditions of academic freedom.

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