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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 25, No. 3. 1962.

Where is North Borneo?

Where is North Borneo?

North Borneo is a little known colony of Britain occupying the northern part of the large island of Borneo; from Singapore it is one thousand miles by sea.

It was completely devastated during the last war, and with the help of Britain, has been quietly re building itself.

The history of North Borneo before the coming of European traders and administrators is fragmentary and largely dateless. It is to be found in folk stories, the history of the Brunei Sultanate, accounts written by explorers and in a few historic remains. Documented history records that in the latter half of the nineteenth century the territory was in a turbulent state; the main river valleys were ruled largely by coastal overlords who dominated the countryside by plundering inland villages; head hunting in the interior was rife, whilst the coastal areas were subjected to attacks by sea-marauders whose activities paralysed such trade as existed. This was the state of the various enclaves of territory which now make up North Borneo when British rule commenced. Then in 1882, with the establishment of the British North Borneo Company, the whole territory was brought together by a series of agreements and for the first time administered under one government.