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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 25, No. 2. 1962.

W-What's W-Wrong with Brooker? — Bungling in Sports Blues

W-What's W-Wrong with Brooker?

Bungling in Sports Blues

It is quite obvious that despite the good job Don Brooker has turned in in previous years, as Sports Officer on the Executive, he has exhibited some shortcomings. To the best of my knowledge, he is responsible for all matters pertaining to sport at the Students' Executive level and he has not done some of his most important duties of his office.

When a student of the University is awarded a University Blue in any sport, he or she can be certain that a lot of work has gone into weighing up his or her case on its individual merits. Firstly a nomination must be forwarded from the club concerned to the Sports Committee, which is presided over by Mr Brooker, and this nomination is considered at great length in the light of the student's activities both in the sport and in the administration of it.

Formal Approval

If the committee decides that a Blue should be awarded then only a formal executive approval is required. That is, the Sports Committee nominations are forwarded to the executive, who, in the course of their ordinary business, ratify them.

Now it is the duty of the Sports Officer to see that the individuals concerned are notified of the award, conditional to their being bona fide students of the University. The recipients of the award should be sent a blazer chit and a blues certificate.

However, during Mr. Brooker's term of office No students awarded blues have been
(a)Notified of the fact officially.
(b)Been sent a blazer chit, or
(c)Been sent a blues certificate.

In fact, no Blues Certificates have been sent out in the last two years. Since Winter Tournament in 1959, only those who have personally complained to the executive have been sent their certificates. This cannot be laid fully at the door of Mr. Brooker but I find it hard to believe that he is not aware of this fact and has not acted accordingly.

Award an Honour

The award of a Blue at this University is an honour and a suitable reward for a student who has devoted himself wholeheartedly to a particular sport. However, in the eyes of Mr. Brooker it appears to be a matter of no great import and provided he has his Blues piping on his blazer, he appears to have little interest in any other recipients. (He is a Rugby Blue of the University.)

This is a very poor state of affairs, and one which I for one would not have thought possible under the attention of Mr. Brooker, who, let it be said, has in past years done a fine job for the sport in this University. However, the matter stands at that and one can only hope that the omissions in the past will be rectified in the near future.

Brian Dawkins,

Sports Editor.