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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 25, No. 1. 1962.

You Extravaganza 62

You Extravaganza 62

Extrav. needs a cast. Extrav. needs a stage crew. Extrav. needs gals who can sew. Extrav. needs People. In fact, you lucky, lucky student, Extrav. needs You.

All freshers who want to start off a Varsity education in the best possible spirit, must join Extrav. If you don't believe it, just see those veterans of Extrav. (They can be found in the back bar and the neurological ward).

Extrav. is the annual display of brilliant student wit, vicious political satire and talented (?) acting that is inflicted on the citizenry of Wellington in May.

This is the show that makes Tennessee Williams look like. Jane Austen, "Lolita" like "Little Women", and "Salome" like "Joan of Arc." It's the show that can make a student out of You. If it doesn't, you won't be in a state to complain, anyway.

But let's get serious. We do need you in Extrav., because Extrav is a student show and only students can make it a success. You don't need talent, as jobs can be found for all. If you are still interested (you must be if you have read this far), get a form from Exec, office, fill it in, and turn up to the casting meeting in the Common Room on March 15th, at 7.30 p.m.

By the way, Extrav. on its own won't make you miss units; that's over to you.


Peter V. O'Brien,

Extravaganza Organiser, 1962.