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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 25, No. 1. 1962.

The House Committee in the Student Union

page 3

The House Committee in the Student Union

The House Committee is the Executive Sub Committee which is responsible for the administration of the Association's interests in the building. It is nominally divided into the Men's and Women's House Committees, but in practice they meet together. The two Executive members who hold the chairmanship of the Committees are Miss I. Latham and Mr R. J. Pitchforth. Miss Latham and the Women's House Committee are in charge of the publicity in general and the Newsheet in particular. The Men's House Committee look after the control of the rooms and the general extension of student use of the building. The following points about the building will be of interest.

Dining Room.

Here you can buy a very good meal for a low price, and a full dinner for 3/9d. Mr. Levenbach is able to do this on a very low margin of profit in order to break even. Unfortunately he has been subjected to some heavy losses and the price may have to rise if this continues. The following have been stolen from the Dining Room in the last term: 420 cups; 247 saucers; 369 dinner plates; 242 small plates; 198 soup forks; 110 small forks; 89 dessert forks; 50 soup spoons; 76 larga forks; 50 soup spoons; 76 large knives; 61 small knives; 80 salt and pepper sets; 78 ashtrays; 198 glasses.

In addition to the possible price rise, continued theft at this rate will have to be put in the hands of the Police. Besides normal catering service, Mr. Levenbach is willing to cater for clubs at their special functions and private parties. Those who are interested should approach him for further details.

Club Storage Room.

The room leading off the foyer next to the letter rack is the club storage room. Lockers are now available to clubs who should apply to the House Committee for them.


On the other side of the stairs as well as outside the Men's Common Room there are telephones. These are for general use and local calls are free. Toll calls and telegrams may be sent and payment is by means of a slot machanism.

Executive Area.

The Executive area houses the Managing Secretary and his Secretary, the Executive Room, used by the Executive and its sub-Committees, and the Association Office. After Enrolment week you should go to the Executive Office when you require information on student activities. During Enrolment week there will be an Information Bureau run by the House Committee and they should be able to answer your enquiries. The Accommodation Bureau is also in the office and messages for members of the Executive and Club Secretaries may be left here.

Notice Boards.

The Notice Board outside the office is the official notice board of the Association referred to in the Constitution, and it should be inspected from time to time as Information concerning you will be posted there. The two boards outside the Dining Room will be changed daily and will be the easiest way to find out what is happening today and tomorrow. Notices for this board should be in the office 24 hours before they are due to be posted. Letters to individual students will be put on the letter rack and will be returned to the Post Office if they are not collected promptly. At the top of the main stairs is the Club notice boards; if you are interested in any particular activity, information will be found here. Mr. Boyd has a space which he will use for posting details of employment, and "Salient" will also place items of interest on this board. Executive sub-Committees will post their information on the sub-Committee notice board and in order to keep in touch with what the Association is doing with your Three Pounds Five you should read this regularly. The board next to it will have information about the more important student activities going on at the present time. The Orientation Controller is using it for Enrolment Week and the week after that, and other activities will be advertised in a similar way.

Quiet Room and Library.

To the right of the Club notice boards is the Quiet Room. The following extract from the House Regulations should make the use of this room clear:
(1)The room shall be available to any student or group of students for the purposes of uninterrupted quiet, thought, meditation and prayer.
(2)No loud discussion, reading of newspapers. University studies, playing of games, smoking or eating shall be allowed in the Quiet Room.
(3)Religious Services may be conducted in the Quiet Room with the prior approval of the Quiet Room Committee but this room shall not be exclusively used as a meeting place for religious groups.
(6)On each Monday post a notice listing all bookings for the coming week on a notice board outside the room.

In the Library you will find back numbers of the magazines that are in the Common Room. The Student Advisers Room will be used by the Appointments Board when it comes into operation.

Common Rooms.

In the other direction you will find the Common Rooms. These are for all students to use as a place for relaxation where one can play the piano in the Common Room or listen to the radio in the Women's Common Room. This is a good place to relax, but studying here is not recommended, the distractions are too great. There will be magazines in the Common Room for general use. A considerable amount of furniture in these rooms was damaged last term and people are requested not to abuse it. 36 ashtrays and 6 rubbish bins were also stolen. Continued breakages may have the effect of lessening the amount of furniture and increasing the general association fee.