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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 24, No. 12. 1961.

Walsh Explains

Walsh Explains

Sir,—What your contributor "E. Pankhurst" fails to grasp is that nothing will lead to more intense desires for physical consummation than the "platonic" relationships she is referring to. It is these shared beliefs, ideas and ideals, this mental intimacy, that most fully arouses sexuality in sensitive and intelligent men and women. Such people are at least as likely to be repelled by undiluted undisguised lust as attracted to it. We can only assume that your contributor has strong, unacknowledged unconscious desires for such fulfilment or that she just doesn't know what she is playing with. Platonic relationships in her sense are only possible between homosexuals whose love needs are fulfilled by members of their own sex and who can therefore be sexually indifferent in heterosexual relationships. There are grounds for assuming that Plato was a homosexual.

Yours faithfully,

B. C. Walsh.

Dr. Gupta has pointed out to Salient that some words in issue No. II had been wrongly attributed to him—Salient regrets that this has happened.