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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 24, No. 12. 1961.

Misrepresentation Alleged

Misrepresentation Alleged

As is the case with most unorthodox groups, the V.U.W. Social Credit Club comes in for its share of mudslinging, this time in the form of Mr Martin ("S.C.: Unsound Economic Principles") and the anonymous Mil ("Protest").

As chairman of the meetings Mr Martin attended, I can distinctly recall his asking me for some literature on Social Credit, at which I proferred an 80-page booklet "It's Time They Knew," but, as he refused this, I then offered the two-page pamphlet "Tenets of Social Credit," to which he refers in his article. At the time he voiced no dissatisfaction to me. Rather, he wrote an article completely misrepresenting both the Social Credit Club and myself, an act which I consider in extremely poor taste.

Further he states that he was interested in Social Credit, yet states "I'm Still sure their organisation has no sound principles of economic policy that could ever benefit New Zealand" (my emphasis), implying that his mind was made up beforehand. This gives substance to J. S. Mill when he said "Conservatives are by nature the most stupid of people." It is obvious that critic Martin has not attended the Thursday evening study groups where Social Credit proposals are discussed more fully. Perhaps he and other detractors would consider attending?

As Mr Martin is thirsting for knowledge on Social, Credit, I would respectfully suggest that he acquires "Use of Money" or "Social Credit" by C. H. Douglas and "Introduction to Social Credit" by B. W. Monahan. I can assure him that he will find all he wants to know in these books.

In reply to our anonymous critic Mil, all the posters advertising the meeting displayed the words "Social Credit Club" and the speaker found it necessary to the point of his talk on the World Bank to outline the Social Credit principles on which our objection to the Bank is based. In branding other people irrational, Mil would do well not to throw around emotive terms, such as "dirty" and "propaganda." As Winston Churchill once said, "Any fool can grumble, criticise and complain—) and most fools do."

R. J. Bromby, Vice-President, Social Credit Club.