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Salient: Victoria University Students' Newspaper. Vol. 24, No. 11. 1961



Thursday, June 29, the most important event of the year. What! Don't you know?

Well then I'll tell you. Shortly after 7.30 p.m. the outgoing executive faced all those students who were sufficiently Interested in what was happening to them- some 200 in fact. This was the occasion of the 63rd Annual General Meeting of the Victoria University of Wellington Students' Association. The one time each year when w*, the students, directly decide major Issues!

The meeting started enthusiastically with much inclination to have fun. However, our president set a fast business-like pace. A maximum of five minutes speaking time per mover, three minutes thereafter was moved. Despite some opposition as being undemocratic, this was carried, and. four hours Liter was further reduced.

The annual report first aroused interest at the Grants page. Why did one Christian sect (Catholic students) receive a larger grant than others? Answer-(a) It has larger membership; (b) any student can join.

There was some indignation that the management of the new building be out of the Association's hands. But it was generally agreed necessary.

The general report of the capping committee was accepted without comment. However, both reports on Extravaganza . brought heavy criticism. Why are so many non-varsity students in the show? What about accounts? Nevertheless, Mr Flude pointed out that Mr Stubbs had done a difficult job well.

Cappicade accounts are presented in the report. There is a profit of at least £500.

Procession report excited some questions. Why were supplies so poor and late? Mr Spender placed responsibility on Student apathy and the fact that various firms did not deliver supplies in time. Calico, an expensive item would be cheaper if wholesale. This recommendation was accepted.

The House Committee report brought up several points, why has the new building been so dirty? Answer-insufficient cleaning staff-now rectified. A very embarrassed student bravely stated that the writing on (men's) lavatory walls is shocking!

Victoria we shall be forever! This was passed almost unanimously.

In fact all the motions printed in the agenda were carried bar one. Mr Mitchell wished to see the sports representative elected by sports council. This on the grounds of greater efficiency. But he would then be less representative of the whole student body. After some hot debating the motion was lost.

A number of motions came from the floor. The most interesting was one that the incoming Executive "provide brass spittoons and chewing tobacco boxes in the women's common room." Carried.

Shortly thereafter the president was heard commenting "I think things are getting a little bit off!"

And at 12.30 a weary adjournment was called. Not too weary that the two Execs, couldn't meet for "light refreshments" immediately afterward.