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Salient: Victoria University Students' Newspaper. Vol. 24, No. 11. 1961

A Racket?

A Racket?

Sir,—It was with amazement that I read Mr Richard Caughey on "Moral Rearmament." It is only too obvious that this gentleman who, on his own admission, worked for four years with this movement, has been so instilled with propaganda that it has clouded his judgment. Typical of his kind, he neglects to mention exactly what moral rearmament stands for, and who provides the money to run It.

It has become obvious that this movement is run by the men whose finance companies actually back the arms factories. This view inevitably follows, as long as Mr Caughey and his confederates continue to scream about the "Red bogey" and propose not moral rearmanent but further nuclear armaments. If readers will cast their memories back to the 1930's, they will remember that Hitler also disguised himself under the banner of moral justification. I am. etc.,

"Pacific Centre."