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Salient: Victoria University Students' Newspaper. Vol. 24, No. 11. 1961

Auckland Objects

Auckland Objects

Sir,—We wish to take strong exception to an item appearing on Page 1 of Vol. 24. No. 9, of Monday, June 19, 1961. The passage to which we refer is "Auckland University has the same name as the City of Auckland, and the degree of hostility and mutual contempt between University and Robinson's City Council has been extraordinary for years."

During the period when the site of the development of the University was undecided, the University authorities reversed their original decision and decided to carry out this development on the Princess Street site. This brought them into conflict with the City Council, and this conflict extended until the Town and Country Planning Appeals Board rejected the City Council's opposition last year, and cleared the way finally for this development.

During this controversy there was, after a public meeting called by a group of private citizens who included some City Councillors and which was addressed by the Mayor (Robinson) and concerning the inclusion of Government House site in the area, a period when student opinion of these people and their somewhat arrogant tactics was at an all-time low. However, since this time, relations have steadily Improved. Even at its most extreme period, however, this situation could not by any criterion be described as one of "mutual contempt."

Over the past few months the situation has improved constantly. At Executive Dinner, Mr Robinson made a plea for closer co-operation "between Town and Gown," the City Council have recently turned on social occasions for both the retiring Chancellor and for Colombo Plan Students, whilst last week the Mayor attended a concert presented by students of this University. I feel that the fact that he joined some church leaders in a condemnation of the standard of this year's Capping Book and Procesh does not invalidate my claim that relationships between the two bodies are now quite cordial and are showing steady improvement, as many of us were not satisfied ourselves with the standard of wit in either of these two activities this year.

Yours etc.,

Bob Cater,

Man Vice-President Corresponding Member.