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Salient: Victoria University Students' Newspaper. Vol. 24, No. 11. 1961



There are some people here at University, only a small minority, but still very conspicuous about the ivy halls; that try by their appearance to show they are students. Anything of this sort must of course be stopped. These various kinds mixed together unrestricted, could possibly throw the whole student-body, in general, out of order.

They, "the scarfies," that is, should not be confused with others, sounding similar; for their title derives from the green and yellow abortions they wear around the upper part of their bodies.

The "scarfies," are well united and organised: their only purpose is the destruction of a well run educational institution. Their form of rebellion being: the showing of I their colours. One must, in order to guard himself against such vice, be on the alert at all times lest he fall prey to these pregnable prehensities.

"Scarfies," whereabouts can usually be sensed by the smell the many col uses cloth gives out. Also by the many uses the cloth is given; and last but not least, by the yellow and green stain found on, or about, the person's neck after the rains have come and gone.

Some of the different purposes the cloth, dirty though it be, are put to are listed below:
  • As a mustard plaster during cold weather;
  • As a form of suicide; by hanging;
  • A tea towel;
  • A hankie;
  • Sometimes used as a blanket;
  • A cravat and tie;
and other purposes which we will not place here at this time.

Of all the people here at university, these will undoubtedly make the grade as the biggest oddballs this side of the International Dateline. In later years we may find them with wall-t i-wall scarf; yellow and green autos; hair dyed green to match yellow suit or a perminite tattoo around neck flowing slowly down back to buttocks.

Whatever the course of the "scarfies," we will endear them in our hearts as we think of the good old days at Vic.