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Salient: At Victoria University College, Wellington, N. Z. Vol. 24, No. 10. 1961.

Intramural Sports Programme

Intramural Sports Programme

This is an Important Message from the Physical Education Officer to you! Read it and Think Seriously About the Contents.

With the Gymnasium gradually becoming adequately equipped, and the academic year not too far advanced to gain the attention of many students, I feel the time is opportune to introduce the idea of competition in sport within the University itself. Our many clubs provide for competitive play within the various local organisations and in so doing establish a very valuable link with the Wellington Community. This link is extended occasionally to include other universities and other provinces and it is possibly true that our representatives in various sports know more people outside our university than within it.

The completion of the Student Union Buildings has greatly enhanced the opportunities we may have of meeting and knowing something of our fellow students and the Gymnasium can play an important part in this.

I now suggest that we establish an Intramural Sports Programme and invite all students and staff to join in it. I propose that four separate competitions be run and I have selected the sports Padderminton, Table Tennis, Basketball and Volley Ball as being the most appropriate during the initial period of this programme. Matches will be played in the Gymnasium between the hours of 12 noon and 2 p.m.; Padderminion and Table Tennis on Mondays and Thursdays. Basketball on Tuesdays and Volley Ball on Wednesdays. The "draw" in each competition will be posted on the Gymnasium notice board a week in advance and the results immediately after each match. Anyone interested in forming a group and entering a team in any one or more of these competitions Ls asked to register with me as soon as possible. Living groups such as hostels or flats, work groups such as tutorial groups, laboratory classes, "subject" classes or departments, should form the basis of a team entry. I hope that the competition of each team will provide for some range of ability among the players. As an example, entries already received for the Intramural Basketball competition contain teams of players with some considerable skill as well as players with little more than enthusiasm and a desire to learn. In this way I hope that students who do not join the clubs of the University because they lack sufficient skill or do not join because they feel competitive sport makes too great an inroad on their time may find the Intramural Sports Programme will satisfy a recognised need.

In order to start this programme immediately after Study Week, students are asked to organise their groups now and enter their teams promptly. Select an appropriate name for each team and elect a captain to be responsible for arrangement of games and players. Don't let a lack of knowledge of the rules of these games or a lack of skill prevent you from joining in what I predict will become an important aspect of University life.