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Salient: Victoria University Students' Newspaper. Vol. 24, No. 9. 1961



Sir,—I must register a stern protest at your cavalier omission of half the argument of my letter (in the hideous socialist conspiracy. You did not even proffer the courtesy of an "(Abridged)" postscript. I am compelled to suspect fifth column activity on behalf of the City Council.

I protest that the move to change the name of this college is a conditioned response to the prevailing philosophy of uniformity, conformity, "let's-be-all-the-sameness," or "you-think-you're-good-because-you're-different-ness." If we give way now, before we know where we are they will have foisted the City arms and motto on us. and made the university council a select committee of the Wellington corporation!

This is quite intolerable! Rage consumes me!! Victorians! Art Thou the Same as the City that Grovels Beneath Thee !!!

I am, etc.,

Harold Hin.