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Salient: Victoria University Students' Newspaper. Vol. 24, No. 8. 1961.

Another Victim: Judo Club

Another Victim: Judo Club

"Salient" is not the only sufferer from the ravages of Extrav. administration. On the night in question the Judo Club and instructors from the Wellington Judo Club had assembled in the usual room, U15, when in bounced an emasculate-looking member of the male ballet. He was soon joined by others of the group with their big, brave ballet mistress. When her claim to the room for "her boys" was questioned she immediately got the Extrav. administrative machinery under way. This produced in short time a bombastic "authority" who claimed "The Right of Extrav."

By this time the once slightly-amused Judo Club members were beginning to look decidedly unamused. One independent observer remarked that he would soon see a free judo demonstration but his glee was short-lived. The Club captain, showing much presence of mind, decided to avert the coming catastrophe, and so withdrew the Club as fast as possible, to find other quarters. With true Japanese courtesy he apologised for the inconvenience and thanked the Extrav. administration for their forbearance and generosity. Unfortunately the courtesy was not returned but a business-like turning of the back indicated dismissal, and so the Judo Club was also kicked out.

Extrav. had won again.

Another bystander was heard to comment "Seems they (Extrav. administrators) are used to throwing their weight about." In this comment he certainly had the support of the majority of the gathered audience.

R. C. D. Smith.