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Salient: Victoria University Students' Newspaper. Vol. 24, No. 8. 1961.

Sports Council to Elect Sports Portfolio Holder?

Sports Council to Elect Sports Portfolio Holder?

At the meeting of Sports Council on Monday, May 22, a motion was passed concerning the election of Sports Officer on Exec. The substance of the motion was: "That the Sports Council recommends to Exec, that the Sports Officer should be appointed by Sports Council." This would require constitutional amendment and if Exec, was to act on the resolution, it would incorporate the appropriate amendment into any others it Intends to move at the A.G.M. This would, apparently, make the adoption of It a foregone conclusion. However, Mr Brooker foresaw that Exec, would not act on the resolution from the Council and that in this case, the amendment would have to be put forward independently at the A.G.M. This, he pointed out, would require pressure from the clubs.

So there we have It: A body in the University wishing to have sole rights in electing a member to Exec.

Let us consider some of the reasons for the Council's resolution. Or should I say reason, for I can recall one and one only. This was that the Sports Clubs would then have a little more confidence in the Exec. What nonsense. The average clubs don't care about Exec, except in so far as grants are concerned. The resolution was put forward at the instigation of a few die-hards, and was voted on by club delegates who cannot have had any discussion on the matter with their clubs and could not have had a directive for or against.

Against this pitifully weak reason one can pit the entire theory of democracy. Any student has a right to stand for any position he wishes, and what is more, any other student is entitled to vote for him. Under the proposed system this is impossible. It is readily conceivable that a suitable person would be passed over by Sports Council in favour of a mere figurehead.

As we have, rightly or wrongly, decided that our association is to be democratic in principle, it is of the utmost importance that all students be free to stand for any position they like. This move on the part of Sports Council is irresponsible and Completely Negates the Democratc Principle, and should under no circumstances be permitted to fructify. It would result in a dangerous power being bestowed on a body of the university which is not truly representative of the clubs let alone the student population. It is a power which could too easily be abused and Must Not Be Countenanced.

B. P. Dawkins

(Sports Editor).