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Salient: Victoria University Students' Newspaper. Vol. 24, No. 8. 1961.

Dark Thoughts

Dark Thoughts

Dear Sir,—Your report on the Sex Debate has done me a grave injustice. You have put words in my mouth—dark and salacious thoughts which I did not advocate in any way—in the course of your unscrupulous if adept journalism.

Sir, I have a large mouth and despite its capacity I have always reserved to myself the privilege of putting things there. Happily, I hasten to assure readers that I have not, and never intend to receive inspiration from Salient staff. I am not given to saving such trite trash: "you are all familiar with the matter"—or for that matter be so unfeelingly presumptuous.

I recall that Mr Hogg said something of the kind—"familiar with the process" to be exact. I protested against this outrage against the virtue of the virgins present. Most distressing! I know, for I am a virgin! I demanded that Mr Hogg withdraw his remark and apologise. Inexplicably the chairman did not sympathize.

Time and space do not permit me to comment on the other misrepresentations. But I would like to mention that the ingenious use of abridgements suggested more than was said expressly or implicitly. Dear readers. I pray for your indulgence, that you may spare me from the ferocious claws of the lean and hungry lion, namely, the extraordinarily manured imagination of university students.

Yours shamelessly misrepresexed,

O. Tamasese.