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Salient: Victoria University Students' Newspaper. Vol. 24, No. 8. 1961.

More Groans — Presidential Election

More Groans

Presidential Election

Dear Sir,—I feel somewhat compelled to reply to "Fred Spit's" article on "what sort of Election is this?" published in your issue of May 22, because of the unfounded remarks directed towards myself.

If the writer is who I think he is, then he should have known better. What does he want me to do? Am I expected to chase after the Editor of Salient immediately I hear of anything I consider worthy of printing in Salient?

At this stage I would like to point out that by virtue of the regulations constituting the Public Relations Committee, the Editor of Salient or his nominee is the Press officer of the Committee. To date Salient has been represented at three Public Relations Committee meetings.

If the Editor of Salient or his nominee had attended the meetings of the Committee, they would have perhaps learned more of the presidential election. They would also have found that I would be only too willing to assist them with facts.

The minutes of the meeting of the Public Relations Committee on November 24, I960, contain the following motion:

"Moved Hercus/Clifford.

That we recommend the Executive to write to the Editor of Salient re-informing him that he is a member of the following committees—Publications and Public Relations, and that the Executive direct that either he or his nominee attends all meetings of the above and of the Executive.


Such a letter was written and it was quite some time before a Salient reporter attended an Executive meeting or sat on the Public Relations Committee. It was not until March 28, 1961, that Mr Moriarty presented himself at a Public Relations Committee meeting and stated that he was representing the Editor.

In conclusion, I wish to state that the Public Relations Officer is only too willing to assist Salient, but when the Editor of Salient is a constituted member of the Committee, then it is his duty to keep in touch with his chairman. Yours, etc.,

J. A. Tannahill,

Public Relations Officer

[My mistake. Unfortunately the comment on the P.R.O. was put into bold type, which gave it far more importance than it was ever intended to have, and then on top of that it turns out to be rather unjustified. But, heavens above, what a committocracy this place is! I am delighted to record that I am not who he thought I was.— Fred Spit.]