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Salient: Victoria University Students' Newspaper. Vol. 24, No. 8. 1961.



Sir,—Is it right to criticise a critic? I feel that "Peccavunt's" letter (Salient, April 7) needs a little clarification. Our nauseating friend wrote in a style dripping with impassioned implications about the activities of Weir House at the Orientation Ball.

It seems to me that if "Peccavunt" is one of his self-styled "Cream of the Country" it's about time somebody tipped the cream down the nearest drain.

Our friend, no doubt, was one of the "helpful" volunteers who did Not help during festival week to sell treasure charts on behalf of the Students' Association. He conveniently overlooks the fact that Weir-men averaged over £5 per head in their sales. Indeed, Weir-men were the Only students to assist on this occasion. Doubtless, "Peccavunt" will not deign to dabble his delicate little fingers in any work for Capping Procesh. If it were not for Weir this part of Capping would not be the success it usually is.

"Peccavunt's" polemic piffles about Weir House's "pollution"' are no more effective than the pollen of an hermaphroditic petunia carried by a sterile bee, and no student should give them credence.

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However, I do not wish to place "Peecavunt" in any position of financial embarrassment and I am quite prepared to refund his .4835 of a penny which he donated for the refreshment of the Haka Party through the Association.

I am not going to hide behind a nom-de-plume, but I would like to correct "Peccavunt"s quotation by a small addition—Non Peccaverunt!

Yours, etc.,

Gerald Mckay.