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Salient: Victoria University Students' Newspaper. Vol. 24, No. 7. 1961.

Arts Block Dangerous?

Arts Block Dangerous?

Dear Sir—If this is a little incoherent, forgive me. It isn't every day (I hope) that the building starts falling down about one's ears. Let me explain.

Soon after 11.30 on Monday, 17th, I climbed to the top of the staircase connecting the Kirk and Hunter buildings and stepped right into the passageway. Another student had just turned from the music notice board towards the stairs. Without warning pieces of plaster of the ceiling suddenly fell in. The only reason was the age and decrepitude of the building and the strong wind that day.

Being hit on the head with a few odd lumps of ceiling probably wouldn't finish you off, but it wouldn't be the pleasantest of sensations just when you are looking forward to such pleasant diversions as terms examinations and the opening of the Union Building (If Ever).

Can anyone tell me what the position is about the Hunter Building? It's time there is a new Arts block. The present building was opened in 1906—is it to stand (?) for the next 55 years, periodically showering people with lumps of plaster? The staircase connecting the Kirk and Hunter blocks (the only connection, and in constant use) is a disgrace.

I notice from a similar patch of plasterless ceiling (in the passage a floor above the club notice boards) that this isn't an isolated example. We can only hope Prof. McKenzie's famous overdue earthquake occurs on Sunday 2 a.m. I for one don't fancy being incarcerated under three stories of bricks, books and miscellaneous rubble.

Next week I shall see this in perspective. I shall have calmed down. I shall have sunk back into the well-famed apathy of the student body—that's why I'm writing now. I appeal to those in authority to take up this matter. This building is dangerous.

Somebody—do something!!!