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Salient: Victoria University Students' Newspaper. Vol. 24, No. 7. 1961.

Shall We Sleep? — Struggle to the Death

Shall We Sleep?

Struggle to the Death

"A struggle to the death between Capitalism and Communism is unavoidable. Certainly we are not strong enough to attack today. Our time will come in about 20 or 30 years. In order to be victorious we will need the element of surprise. The burgeolse must be lulled asleep. We will accomplish this by starting the most theatrical peace movement the world has ever seen. The capitalistic countries, being stupid and decadent, will work with pleasure towards their own destruction. Seizing the opportunity of this new friendship, they will walk straight into the waiting trap. And as soon as their defences are exposed we will smash them with our mailed fist."

—Manuilsky, Professor at the War Academy in Moscow, 1931

The above paragraph was first printed in Salient. June 22, 1960. This reporter thinks it should be printed more often to press upon the minds of our generation, the struggle between east and west that is going on around us.

To use Manullsky's own words: "... the most theatrical peace movement the world has ever seen ..." Is taking place. In the form of the cold war, the constant appeal for co-existence, and always the ban-this-and-that, which is usually only half carried out and left hanging by some thin thread—on those threads are tied our freedom and liberties. Our rights to do as we please, and control our own lives and fates.

Will we who believe in a western culture and way of life, fall asleep and slide into the trap; or will we form our own opinions and work towards our own ideals with the intelligence and mental abilities which are our own and have not been warped by those who would not give us the use of our minds, or what we have made with our hands?

It is good to say, let us be at peace with each other; but words do not mean much unless followed up by actions. And down through the years there have not been the actions towards peace that people in all countries have hoped for. The only actions toward peace have been the Korean War, Poland. Hungary, Tibet and Laos. If these are actions of peace and If our dear professor meant what he said, we may all live to regret our lives and what we helped to do to the world.

Read the first paragraph again and think about it. Think what you will about it. It is your right to choose and believe what you will—but be careful you are not one of those who sleep. If you believe and have faith in the west and what they are trying to do. then keep your mind clear and speak for freedom, for liberty. If one has too, they are worth fighting for for generations of men in the past have felt the same way about the loss of their freedom.

We, who take no part and have no worries about our ideals may and one day that we have lost them; then it will be too late for actions or close minds; too late to say, "we have the right ... "we are free," "we act and say what we will." Then we will have no wilf we will have no right, we'll only be the muscle and sweat while they of the Communistic culture, will be the minds, the brains, the governors, to sap us, who we re born free, of all our beauty and treasuries—be they mental, physical or spiritual.

Fascism, Titolsm. and all the other isms have no doubt made great physical "advancements" in their own countries. But sooner or later because of loss of freedom the people will rise up against their overlords. Down through the centuries people have had to have this freedom; and from the histories of these different people, we have learned to appreciate what we have gained and what we have. It would not be right to lose it without a struggle; and we at this time are in the middle of It—what the world has to offer in 20 years wi11 depend on the young generation who are now learning to use their Intelligence and formulate their own ldea.s. And they will not have this chance if they go to sleep and coat themselves in Indifference.

Use your ideas, formulate them; speak of them in the open, and fight for them when the time comes or you will lose them.