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Salient: Victoria University Students' Newspaper. Vol. 24, No. 7. 1961.

My West Side Extrabner

My West Side Extrabner

Extravaganza has grown far too big. It dominates student activities during the first term. Other organisations have been compelled to vacate rooms for extrav: Jazz Club, 1960. Salient, 1961. Extrav. rides roughshod over the interests of other student groups. There are far too many non-students connected with the show. Non-students have even taken leading roles over the past few years.

There has been a change in character in the show. Originally Extrav. was an intimate affair consisting of a series of short items and a farce. Gradually it became a show which made fun of the politicians and notable persohages of the day reaching its peak with shows such as "Peter in Blunder-land" and "Jubileevit." But Extrav. has fallen away from this.

This year's Extravaganza (judging from the opening night) is far too slow and the plot far too diffuse. The show has tended to become every year, more like an American musical. (The Americans can do it better). Note, this year's show has a corny plot about a boy, girl and mother-in-law problems.

Extravaganza should be cut down in size. At present it can't exist without non-students in the show and backstage. If the show were cut down to a revue then more students would probably have the time to participate, I do not think it is good for public relations that non-students should play the leading parts unless the public thinks that such persons are students. The way is open for any riff-raff to further damage V.U.W's reputation.

There are disquieting features about Extrav. The emphasis given to alcoholic refreshments; the sledgehammer tactics used to obtain facilities; the fact that so many young men return to the show every year while for the young ladies involved one year are usually enough.

However, there is one justification for a big Extrav. Sometimes it makes big profits. It did in 1960, But sometimes it loses money such as in 1959. A small intimate revue would make a smaller profit but it would be far less likely to make a loss.

(Registered for transmission by post as a newspaper at the Post Office, Wellington.)