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Salient: Victoria University Students' Newspaper. Vol. 24, No. 7. 1961.

What Is The Cause?

What Is The Cause?

Mr Kitts, the mayor, made a very good point in his speech during the Capping ceremony on May 5: that we are no longer in the days of decay and change, but in the age of obsolescence and change. That is, nowadays, things lose their usefulness long before they are worn out. This applies not only to machines (especially to armaments) but to ideas. The change from the world of Euclidean geometry to that of many geometries, from the British Empire to the United Nations, from gunboat diplomacy to the bomb, is so great that many adults who have not kept up with scientific and international developments are thousands of miles behind. Once upon a time the old could always be superior because they were experienced, they "knew the world." The world is now changing so fast that much of their experience is becoming worth less and less.

The fundamental notions learned by those being educated today are more valid, for the modern world, than some of those of their fathers.

No wonder the fathers are resentful. Many of them are also jealous of the immature, because in so many ways they are immature themselves. And they, too, naturally, would like not to be tied to the slavery of a dull 40-50 hours week.

The Students' Executive has been very concerned with better public relations with the city. Where is the trouble but in the hostility of the newspapers?

Anyway, the main point is that certain people are practicing "Youth Discrimination." What about a Protest March some time?