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Salient: Victoria University Students' Newspaper. Vol. 24, No. 7. 1961.

Ninth International Student Conference

Ninth International Student Conference

Charter of the Student Press

Whereas a free and vigorous press is an essential feature of a democratic society, and

Whereas the student press has the duty and right to fill this role, and

Whereas the aims of the student press cannot be achieved unless its independence from all forms of external interference or censorship is maintained Inviolate.

The 9th International Student Conference hereby declares the following conditions essential for a free student press:
aThe student press, in accordance with the spirit of the United Nations (Draft) Convention on freedom of Information, should be free from regulation by any organ of the government or by the university authorities;
bThe student press, except where it is an official organ of a student organization, should be free from regulation by other student organization;
cThe student press should be free from all pressures, financial and otherwise, from other external groups;
dThe student press should have free access to information and the same rights and privileges as afforded to regularly accredited Journalists.

The 9th International Student Conference, also recognising that the student press bears great responsibilities to students by virtue of its power to Influence student opinion, further declares that it should be mindful of these responsibilities and continually strive to keep above partisan considerations and should endeavour at all times to act in conformity with all the Principles of Co-operation.


In accordance with the Principles of Co-operation adopted by the 9th International Student Conference, it is noted that
1racialism is a discriminatory practice arising out of an attitude of mind, founded on prejudicial ideas of the inequality of men;
2racialism in any of its manifestations is an irrational and degrading phenomenon afflicting mankind, particularly at the present time;
3the political, economic, social and educational development of territories under colonialist domination is severely restricted by both overt and disguised racialism;
4the tyranny of racialism, wherever it exists, denies equality of opportunity, limits the availability of education, undermines human rights, and obstructs the progress of civilisation.
Accordingly, the 9th International Student Conference:
arejects energetically the myth of inherent superiority or inferiority of any ethnic group of humanity;
bcondemns racialism in all Its forms and in particular the denial of fundamental, political, social, economic and educational rights on the grounds of race;
cdeclares its unqualified support to all students and peoples engaged in the fight against racialism.

—published at the request of the New Zealand Universities' Students' Association.